This post is a quick update of our experience with our own short term rentals in Minneapolis during April and May of 2017. 

The units ranged from 70 – 100% occupancy. In the graphs below, I’m showing the breakdown of reasons for guest stays. Many people assume that Minneapolis/St. Paul is not a traditional tourist destination and therefore short-term rental demand will be low(er) in non-summer months… My experience does not support that assumption and we’ve seen pretty solid demand in all seasons, so I’m interested in tracking the reasons guests stay in our places to learn more about the demand for short-term rentals via Airbnb our local market.

A little bit of context is needed for the two duplex units.  We had traveling professionals staying in both units during April and May which is reflected in the stats below.  At first I thought the traveling professional stays would be an anomaly, but now that we have booked a few additional stays like this(> 1 month) for later in the summer/fall, I’m realizing that this is a unique niche and worth considering when marketing our spaces.

Looking forward to sharing our results for summer months soon!

  • 70% occupancy
  • 14 total stays
  • Average nights/stay: 3.1
  • 77% Occupancy
  • 5 total stays
  • Average nights/stay: 10.2
  • 100% Occupancy
  • 1 total stay – Traveling professional booked the unit for all of April and May.
Our Minneapolis Airbnb Stats – Spring 2017 (April, May)

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