Within a couple months of listing my home on Airbnb, it was very clear that there were a lot of families booking and interested in my place.  It makes sense. I assume parents are drawn to the extra space and full kitchen that they likely won’t get booking a hotel. Also, it helps that my home is in a family-friendly and safe part of town.  I looked around on Airbnb in the area and noticed there were not a lot of people marketing directly to families, so I decided to give it a try and market my Airbnb as “family friendly”.  

One of the bedrooms in my house was set up as an office / workout space.  This was how I had it set up when it was my primary home and I just left as is when listing on Airbnb.  I decided to convert the office into a kid-friendly bedroom.  Killing two birds with one stone – extra sleeping space and a kid-friendly space!  I don’t have kids myself so am a little under-educated about what parents might be looking for or need while traveling.  I asked for feedback from the families who had already stayed in the house and also gathered input from my Facebook friend community. I was overwhelmed with great ideas, some of which I’ve implemented, some are still a future project.

Bedroom was previously used as office / workout room

Here are the updates and furnishings I added to make my Airbnb “family-friendly”:

  • Full Day Bed + Twin Trundle.  This adds sleeping arrangements for up to 3 additional guests and with the twin trundle a nice sleeping option for little ones, close to the ground.
  • Chalkboard wall.  This was an “extra” but I thought it would be really fun to make one of the walls in the bedroom a full chalkboard wall.  I painted some picture frames that I got from Goodwill and hung those on the wall to inspire creativity! 😉 From what I can tell, it looks like the guests (kids and adults, alike) are making use and enjoying the wall.
  • Toys/Books/Games. This was pretty easy.  I picked up a bunch of books, toys and games from Goodwill or via donations from friends and arranged them nicely on the shelf in the kids room.
  • Secured Large Shelves to Wall. I’ve secured a couple of the larger shelves in the house to the walls to prevent any accidents caused by kiddos climbing on the furniture.  I still need to do the same with a couple of other pieces of furniture, mainly TV sets/stands.
  • Pack-N-Play. I splurged and bought a new pack n play off Amazon.  It also has a attachable napper/changer.
  • Kitchenware. I bought plastic plates, silverware and cups in fun colors and have them available in the kitchen.
  • Baby Gate. I already had a baby gate in the house (for my puppies!) so this was an easy one.
  • Mattress protector. I bought a couple large removable mattress protectors for kids in the “not quite potty-trained” phase of their life. 🙂 I had a little trouble getting them to stay attached to the mattress pad with safety pins so now I just leave them in the closet and parents can use them as needed.
  • Miscellaneous. I have outlet covers, night lights, step stool for bathroom sink, bath toys and shampoo, “kids” Netflix channel/account.
Full day bed with twin trundle
Chalkboard wall
Pack N Play
Books & Toys

I also market my place as “family-friendly” in both the listing title and the description and post pictures of some of the items above so parents can feel comfortable booking for their stay.

As I come across good deals (or maybe during garage sale season this spring), I’d like to pick up a highchair of some sort, maybe a simple stroller or wagon, a movable floor mat/rug for crawlers and a few outdoor toys.  Always looking for more suggestions – feel free to leave a comment with additional items I should consider!

**If interested in checking out my place on Airbnb, click here**

How To Make Your Airbnb Family-Friendly

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