This is the second post sharing our experience renovating a Minneapolis duplex for short term rental…  

The upper unit of the duplex is a cozy one-bedroom space (860 sq ft), perfect for a couple (or a small family or solo traveler).  I really wanted to make this unit into a “romantic retreat” for a couple to relax after a day/night out in the city. 

This bedroom was my personal pet project out of the whole duplex renovation. I secretly wish this was my bedroom!  We can’t take all the credit though.  The master bedroom in the upper unit is huge (19’x12’), has natural wood floors, nice windows and the angled ceilings on one side give it a cozy feel despite being such a large room.  All that said, the room was a whole lot of beige and needed a change.  And I really wanted to make this space special, not just add a coat of paint and call it done.  So, where do you go when you are looking for design ideas? Pinterest, of course! I found the perfect pinterest project for this room, which involved a faux beam and lace curtains on the ceiling where the wall begins to angle and plywood planks on the wall, which gives a shiplap type look.  

Links to the original Pinterest inspiration here and here
Here are the details of our version of the project.

For the walls and beam:

  • We purchased pre-cut ⅜” plywood ($100) and two 12’ 1”x6” boards ($15) which we stained with a gray stain.  
  • Within the faux beam, we put PVC piping and lace curtains ($25).  
  • We also painted the entire room with a shade of white (~$100 in paint and supplies)

For furnishings: 

  • Queen memory-foam mattress, purchased on Amazon = $250
  • Metal queen bed frame, purchased on Amazon = $100
  • Bedding – Comforter set, 2 sets of sheets, extra blankets = $175
  • Dresser, bought at local antique shop = $60
  • Nightstands made from recycled boards, individually stained then glued together, finished and mounted to wall = minimal cost, made with scrap wood already on hand
  • Nightstand lamps (2), purchased from Target = $30
  • Rug, purchased from Home Improvement store (Lowes) = $90
  • Chair, purchased off craigslist = $50
  • Home-made bookshelf/end table = $25 for materials
  • Floor lamp, purchased from Home Goods =$80
  • Closet curtain, purchased from Target = $25
  • Artwork – Used piece of artwork already had on hand = no cost
Total cost to improve and furnish the bedroom = $1,125

I really love how this project turned out.  Hope our guests do too!

Airbnb DIY – Creating a Romantic Master Bedroom Retreat

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